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Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
steps here. what are thereleft? six. so it's come up sef, 7, steps within five hour sdmrs u.s. army corps engineers told us it is loring a couple of lakes by releasing some of the waufrment gerngs that flood watch in effect. whoos happen happening bill: i tell you thatdrainage space took a lot of water over night and early this morning. up to seven inches ofrain in parts of the north bachlt wind gusts to 86 miles per hour and at that flood watch continues for the cushion river. it's going to get real high as we head into sunday night and monday. two inches nearly inoakland and about 1.3 nv inches is san jose . we're get a breakright now and going to get a lit of a break tomorrow 6789 check out the storm report. this isimpressive. this area righthere, you're going to get a storm report here. 8.8 inches inches was rortded about #15k this morning. these are actual stormreports from observers on the ground >> when i come back, we're get the break, that's good news. there's another big storm headed our way. we'll have the detailson that and see you fwhak just a bit >> the pack 12 champio
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1